Introduction to the
ELAN Network

ELAN Network is a Triple Helix network formed by key actors from the innovation ecosystems of both regions, proactive, dynamic entities willing to create a context of mutual benefit, such as:

  • Business Support Organisations
  • Knowledge and Technology based Organisations
  • Public Sector Actors

  • The main objectives of the Network are:

  • Support SMEs from both continents in the co-generation of technology-based businesses.
  • Strengthen the capacities of Network members to be the key agents of their innovation ecosystems and thus be able to respond to the countrys challenges through the co-generation of ideas, innovative initiatives and technology-based businesses, both among Network members and among companies from both regions.
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    The ELAN Network promotes activities aimed at generating technology-based businesses between Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as strategic alliances with a multiplying effect among organizations from both regions.

    It also reinforces the collaboration among its partners by building and participating in projects aimed at reinforcing their own capacities and those of their innovation ecosystems.

    ELAN Network in Figures


    Number of participants in ELAN Network events and missions


    Average number of connections established per event


    Number of technology-based business opportunities generated between European and Latin American organisations


    Number of Strategic Multiplier Alliances between European and Latin American organisations

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