What is the ELAN Network?


The ELAN Network is a network composed of European and Latin American organisations and was born in January 2015 within the framework of a EuropeAid project financed by the European Commission. The mission of the network is to link and foster collaboration between the innovation ecosystems of the European Union and Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as promote processes of transformation and economic growth in the technological field in both regions.

The ELAN Network is a Triple Helix network formed by key actors from the innovation ecosystems of both regions. These actors are proactive, dynamic entities willing to create a context of mutual benefit and consist among others of:

  • Business Support Organisations: Chambers of commerce, clusters, incubators and other entrepreneur support organisations, etc. that work with SMEs in various different domains, such as innovation, internationalisation, competitiveness, entrepreneurship, etc.
  • Knowledge- and Technology-based Organisations: Universities, technology and innovation centres, etc. with an ability and interest in identifying the best ideas, in order to transform them into business.
  • Public Sector Actors: Internationalisation and/or innovation promotion agencies, regional development agencies, etc. who are drivers of the innovation ecosystem in their territories and owners of programmes and policies that support the generation of business opportunities.

    Main Objectives of the Network

    Support SMEs from both continents in the co-generation of technology-based businesses, helping in:

    • The identification of technology based business business opportunities;
    • The dentification of the partners, technologies and funding sources needed to develop specific business opportunities;
    • The access to a consolidated network of intermediate organisations that are part of the most relevant agents of the innovation ecosystem of their region and that can offer their knowledge and experience in the co-generation of technology-based businesses.

    Strengthen the capacities of Network members to be the key agents of their innovation ecosystems and thus be able to respond to the country's challenges through the co-generation of ideas, innovative initiatives and technology-based businesses, both among Network members and among companies from both regions. The Network members work collaboratively among other things to:

    • Look for initiatives, existing projects promoted by international funding entities that contribute to meeting the challenges through innovative and / or technological initiatives;
    • Design innovative and / or technological proposals among one or more network members that respond to the country's challenges and seek financing for its implementation;
    • Foster alliances between innovation ecosystem agents from both regions with similar priorities within their smart specialisation strategies.