Technical Missions to México in 2017

The ELAN Network fosters collaboration between Europe and Mexico with the dual objective of promoting the generation of business opportunities in the priority sectors of Automotive and Smart Tourism and formalising strategic multiplier alliances between intermediary organisations, such as clusters, technology centres, public institutions, etc.

To fulfil these objectives, ProMéxico, coordinator of the ELAN Network in Mexico, with the support of the European ELAN Network partners, leads and organises missions from Europe to Mexico for companies and intermediary organisations of both regions.

The organisations participating in these missions will have personalised agendas that will be drawn up in accordance with their interests.

Automotive Sector

The industry of the automotive sector is mature, dynamic and continuously growing. The automotive sector currently represents 6% of the GDP and 18% of manufacturing production.

Mexico has capacities and technological infrastructures in this sector aimed at increasing and strengthening its competitiveness. Its continued commitment to this sector and its growth forecasts favour international technological collaboration as an essential factor that allows for its evolution and its goals to be fulfilled.

Smart Tourism Sector

The smart tourism sector faces global sociological changes in which technology plays a preferential role as a differentiation and diversification value. Mexico is a country that acts to overcome these two challenges and opens a door to the generation of new business opportunities that will drive the growth and consolidation of this sector.

How to participate

Those companies and organisations that wish to participate in one of these missions should fill in the following organisation profile.

For more information: Tel: (55) 5477 7000 Ext: 2221

Calendar of missions

Event Date Venue File
Smart Tourism Sector 26-30/06/2017 Guadalajara and Jalisco
Automotive Sector 11-14/07/2017 León, Querétaro and Ciudad de México
Smart Tourism Sector: Cancun Forum 2017 27-29/09/2017 Cancún and Quintana Roo
Automotive Sector: World Manufacturing Forum 07-09/11/2017 Monterrey

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