ELAN Network Mission

ELAN Network brings together business support organisations, public sector actors and research & technology based organisations from Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) and the EU. These members work for bringing the results of applied research to the market in collaboration between the EU and LAC.

ELAN Network axes:

  • Vision that combines strategy, technology and business opportunities.
  • Technology as a factor of competitiveness and welfare.
  • Service provision for SMEs in order to enhance their competitiveness.
  • Focus on implementing the results of technological research in companies.
  • Co-generation / co-development of business opportunities.

Focus: SMEs

ELAN Network members support SMEs in:

  • Identifying of technology based business opportunities.
  • Identifying of partners, technologies and funding sources needed to develop specific business opportunities.
  • Training in technology transfer, entrepreneurship and technology based businesses.
  • Having access to a consolidated network of technology centers willing to support the development of new ideas, technologies and opportunities.
  • Having access to investors interested in investing in technology.
  • Networking and matchmaking between European and Latin American companies.


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