ELAN Network Project

ELAN Network is a EuropeAid Grant project funded by the European Union through DG DEVCO. It is carried out by a consortium consisting of 31 key Research & Innovation (R&I) actors from Europe and Latin America and is lead by TECNALIA. The consortium comprises the initial members of the Network.

The project started in January 2015 and will for 36 months.

Project Objectives:

The overall objective of the ELAN programme is to increase and diversify the European Union's economic presence in Latin America, by generating sustainable collaboration initiatives among R&I actors in which knowledge is transformed into equitable socio-economic development.

ELAN Network pursues to establish a European and Latin American self-sustainable Network of R&I actors, in order to promote lasting partnerships; to share knowledge and generate technology transfer, in particular in areas aligned with European applied research; and to increase SME competitiveness through the generation of technology-based business opportunities.

Main activities:

A0. Project management and coordination (lead by TECNALIA)

A1. Analysis of European industry needs for innovation-collaboration with LA (lead by TNO)

A2. Identify R&I actors, mapping needs, capacities and supporting schemes in LA (lead by TNO)

A3. Best practices and successful innovation exemplary cases (lead by TECNALIA)

A4. SWOT analysis of factors affecting EU-LA collaboration (lead by VTT)

A5. Planning and organising of network capacity building and partnership generating activities (lead by TECNALIA)

A6. Creation and Deployment of the ELAN Network (lead by TECNALIA)

A7. Creation and operation of a network support platform (lead by TECNALIA)

Project expected results:

  • Consortium and network managed and coordinated; coordination mechanisms and visibility of future ELAN Network established.
  • Strategic capacities, schemes and needs for collaboration between Europe and Latin America have been mapped and the framework to ensure effective transitional research has been created.
  • Increased and better focused collaboration in innovation between European and LA partners has been achieved: Network partners trained and participating according to their commitment, needs and priorities; Strategic collaborations have been created among network partners; New technology-based business opportunities have been generated (including at least 15 new collaborations that include direct transfer of technology from EU to LA).
  • The project consortium has developed into a self-sustainable ELAN Network of business and R&I innovation actors.

Target groups:

  • Knowledge and technology based organisations: Research and Technology Organisations (RTOs), Knowledge, innovation and technology centres, universities and other similar actors.
  • Selected innovative SMEs from the objective sectors).
  • Institutions and public authorities: National/regional authorities responsible for policy formulation and implementation.
  • Technology Based Business Opportunity Support Organisations: business associations, chambers of commerce, clusters and other similar organisations.

Final beneficiaries:

  • EU and LA SMEs at large.
  • Individuals working in the innovation agents: researchers, scientists, business developers, entrepreneurs, public/civil servants.
  • Women and other minorities that are underrepresented in this domain.
  • General population, impacted by innovation and technology transfer.


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