Events Calendar 2016

07-10 March, Brussels, Belgium
Technical Mission in Brussels: Mission for European and Latin American Innovation Ecosystems
Four days Mission to introduce European and Latin American Innovation Ecosystems to policies and key actors who will be useful contacts for future project development.
11-15 April, The Hague, Utrecht, Hoofdrop (Schiphol) and Amsterdam, Netherlands
Technical Mission in the Netherlands: Sustainable Energy and Bio-economy in the Circular Economy
Technical Mission to promote international networking between Latin American, Dutch and European entities in circular economy, with a special focus on renewable energy,  bio-economy and environmental technologies.
17-20 May, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Technical Mission Europe-Argentina: Technology and Innovation for the generation of business opportunities with Argentina
Business meeting to address the challenges of development in Argentina, identifying innovative businesses based on new technologies, in sectors linked to ICTs, Biotechnology and Energy.
5-9 September 2016, Espoo, Finland
Technical Mission in Finland: Sustainable business from Bioeconomy, Renewable Energy and Digitalisation
Sustainable well-being and growth are based on smart and responsible use of renewable resources and digitalization. Technical Mission in Finland aims for boosting low-carbon and energy-efficient technology based business opportunities characterized by the use of clean technologies, renewable natural resources, recycled materials and digitalization.

19-21 September, San Jose, Costa Rica
ICTs in environment, health and high performance computing as key for technological business opportunities
An event for European and Latin American SMEs, governments and academia, focused on ICTs in health, environment and high performance specific iusses, where they can interact and generate concrete business opportunities based on technology.
3-4 October, Lima, Peru
Sustainable cities: achieving efficiency in the city
The cities have been developed rapidly in recent decades. In the Peruvian case this development has been unplanned what comes generating lower quality in the life of citizens. In this regard, it is urgent to take action to improve the management of cities taking advantage of ICTs.
5-7 October, Bogota, Colombia
Biotechnology and ICT: a space for articulation of challenges and skills 
Space dedicated to the articulation of challenges and capabilities for the generation of technology based business opportunities among different actors dedicated to the development of applied biotechnology solutions that integrate Information & Communication Technologies within their processes.

26-28 October, Santiago, Chile 
Healthy food: new technologies and business generation 
Opportunities (TBBO) between Chile and EU in the field of healthy foods as natural and functional foods, fortified, organics, among others, produced by high-tech processes.
7-9 November, São Paulo, Brazil
Building Business Opportunities in Brazil: Matchmaking between European and Brazilian firms in health, renewable energy and ICT
This event has as goal to generate technology-based business between Brazilian and European firms connecting innovation to business models, based on market demands. The event will promote matchmaking opportunities in São Paulo between European and Brazilian  firms in the areas of health, IT and renewable energy.

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