Events Calendar 2017

7-9 April, San Jose, Costa Rica
Nano/Biotechnology, ICTs and Renewable/Alternatives Energies: innovation as key to generating successful technology based business opportunities
Converging Technologies are the gateway to new global market trends and Costa Rica has developed a solid infrastructure that allows its companies to generate technology based business opportunities, not only internally but also as excellent partners to develop business with companies from other regions.
The event will be coordinated with ExpoPYME 2017.


27-28 June, Buenos Aires, Argentina
New technological businesses between Europe and Argentina to address challenges in Industry 4.0, Energy and ICTs
This event will allow attendees to find new international partners and create solid networks and long-lasting relationships for the co-generation of technology-based business opportunities between European and Argentinian companies in the field of Renewable Energy, Industry 4.0 and ICTs. In cooperation and coordination with the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) and Eurocamaras.
4-5 July, Lima, Peru
Technological solutions for an integral urban growth. Sustainable business Latin America-Europe
In this event, spaces to promote the generation of business oriented to the sustainable and technological development of the country will be created. The main actors of the private sector, the State and academy in sustainable local management from Europe and Latin America will participate.
The event will be coordinated with Expo Energy Efficiency-EEE 2017.
5-6 October, São Paulo, Brazil
Health and Biotechnology: generating new business opportunities in Brazil
The Health and Biotechnology sector (cosmetics, toiletries, pharmaceuticals, food, chemistry and health services) has been identified as one of the strategic sectors for Brazil. This event aims to promote the generation of technology-based business opportunities between European and Brazilian companies, through, among others, business roundtables and co-creation sessions.


23-24 October, Santiago, Chile
Technologies and Business Models to Face the Energy Challenges of the 21st Century
Renewable energies involve technological challenges for all market players and imply scenarios that require comprehensive solutions in order to efficiently take advantage of available resources. This event offers an attractive space, with unique methodologies that will allow for a discussion around these challenges and business-enabling solutions.
14-15 November, Bogota, Colombia
The role of ICTs in the productive development agenda of Colombia and especially in Bogota - Cundinamarca
The event will be a space for articulating opportunities for collaborative work based on innovation and oriented to the generation of technology-based business opportunities between Colombian and European companies.
The event will be coordinated with 20th TCI Global Conference, seeking to enable participants to engage with Cluster strategies for conducting business.


4 technical missions in 2017

Technical Missions to Mexico

4 technical missions that foster collaboration between Europe and Mexico with the dual objective of promoting the generation of business opportunities in the prioritised sectors of Automotive and Intelligent Tourism and formalising strategic alliances with a multiplier effect between intermediary organisations.


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