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N.17 ELAN Network Newsletter (December 2017)

- A new year, a bigger and better Network
- Agradecimiento a los organizadores de los eventos ELAN Network
- Business opportunities & strategic alliances


 N.16 ELAN Network Newsletter (November 2017)

- Oportunidades de negocio e internacionalización para empresas de base tecnológica en Colombia
- Empresas mexicanas y europeas generan alianzas tecnológicas en el sector automotriz
- Generating new technological business opportunities in Brazil
- Innovation and technological cooperation between SMEs and technology centres in Chile
- Convocatoria INNpulsa: clusters colombianos y alemanes


 N.15 ELAN Network Newsletter (October 2017)

- Welcome to our new members from Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, and Slovenia!
- Impacting ELAN Network event in Chile
- News from the ELAN Network events and November mission (Colombia – Mexico)
- All of the issues of the ELAN Network newsletter are available on the website


N.14 ELAN Network Newsletter (September 2017)

- Count Down: Last ELAN Network Events of 2017.
- ELAN Network participa en los Encuentros ALC-UE: Socios para la Innovación, la Inversion y el Comercio.
- 5 new Members from Colombia, Czech Republic, Serbia and The Netherlands.
- ELAN Network Missions too Mexico 2017.



N.13 ELAN Network Newsletter (August 2017)

- ELAN Network Event in Brazil 2017: “Health and Biotechnology generating new business opportunities in Brazil ”, 5th-6th October.
- ELAN Network Event in Colombia 2017: “The role of ICTs in the productive development agenda of Colombia and Bogota, in particular – Cundinamarca”, 14th-15th November.
- ELAN Network finalizó con éxito su tercer evento en Argentina.
- ELAN Network Members Meeting in Bilbao.
- Buscando hacer negocios sostenibles en Perú.


N.12 ELAN Network Newsletter (June 2017)

- 23-24 October, ELAN Event in Santiago, Chile, “Technologies and business models to face the energy challenges of the 21st century”.
- Participantes en eventos y misiones ELAN Network comparten su experiencia.
- Great business opportunities in the ELAN Network!!!
- 6 new members from Costa Rica, Finland, Peru, Poland and Portugal.


N.11 ELAN Network Newsletter (May 2017)

- ELAN Network grows with 11 new members.
- Industry 4.0, Energy and ICT are the focus of ELAN Network Argentina Event 2017.
- ELAN Network Peru 2017 will address the challenge of developing sustainable cities.
- El tercer evento ELAN Network en Costa Rica logró afianzar y fortalecer redes de negocio entre UE y LAC.


N.10 ELAN Network Newsletter (March 2017)

- Invitation to European companies with an interest in Latin America
- An easy way to know more about ELAN Network
- ELAN Network en México
- Countdown for the ELAN Network event in Costa Rica


N.9 ELAN Network Newsletter (February 2017)

- ELAN Network events & missions calendar 2017 is now available!
- ELAN Network collaboration in raw materials.
- ¡Reserve la fecha! 7-9 abril, evento ELAN Network Costa Rica
- Welcome new members of ELAN Network!


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