What is a technology based business opportunity?

An on-going challenge, both in Europe and in Latin America, it is the gap organisations have to overcome for their technological solutions to reach the market successfully. This phenomenon, commonly called “overcoming the Valley of Death”, occurs because most technology-based opportunities require further development before they can be sold or transferred onto the market.

In particular they usually need:

  • The business case to be defined and/or developed
  • Dissipation of some of the risks involved by carrying out a market contrast, pilot tests, a trial of the business model etc. To be developed further in “co-“ mode with other technological partners and / or commercial partners
  • So a technology based business opportunity (TBBO) is a technological solution that meets a market need and generates a business opportunity for those involved.

How will the ELAN Network generate TBBOs?

Generate new TBBO

Mature TBBO



Create new TBBO by bringing different players together and exploiting synergies. Attract new TTBO through antennas.


Consolidate value proposition by dissipating risk.


Grow business by addressing new markets.

Bring together:

  • Ideas with markets
  • Sector with other sector Technology with business
  • Market with other market

Dissipate risk by:

  • Validating concept
  • Verifying market interest Acquire Technology
  • Partner search

Tackling growth with:

  • New commercialization channels
  • Address new geographical markets
  • Cross-border Joint ventures Investments for new developments/adaptations Mergers and Acquisitions

If you want collaborate in the co-creation of TBBOs

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