2015 Retrospective: ELAN Network in Chile

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The first ELAN Network meeting in Chile gathered experts and businessmen in the fields of solar energy, sustainable construction and energy efficiency. The event was organised by the Anacleto Angelini UC Innovation Center (ELAN Network Country Coordinator), together with the Production Promotion Corporation (Corfo) and the Manufacturing Promotion Society (Sofofa).


About 90 connections for the generation of business and new associations were established in order to meet the goal of generating and promoting new business opportunities for technology-based SMEs from Europe and Latin America.

During the closure of the activity, the Minister of Economy of Chile, Luis Felipe Céspedes, highlighted the instance as “ something very positive that aligns with what our collaboration experience with the European Union has been ”.

These meetings will allow for the strengthening of those ties while increasing the value and opportunities of our small and medium enterprises, but also opportunities for European enterprises which, one way or another, may come to our country and also have high growth prospects ”, stated the Government authority.

For the Head of the Economic and Commercial Section of the European Union Delegation in Chile, Anna Johnson, the participation of European enterprises was fundamental for the activity, the topics addressed and the opportunities detected: “ these have been very interesting debates on very relevant topics both in the European Union and Chile. In the European Union there is a lot of technology in renewable energies and energy efficiency, while in Chile there is the potential for further development of these technologies and putting them into use. ELAN Network intends to aid European enterprises in selling their technology in Chile, and in the meeting there were lots of opportunities for Chilean SMEs. I think there are many opportunities.

The Executive President of the Anacleto Angelini UC Innovation Center, Alfonso Gómez, in turn, valued the way in which representatives of the private and public sectors, and universities articulated during the ELAN conferences: “ Without a doubt, what has happened during these three days has been very inspiring. I think that the connections that took place and the orchestration of conversations around innovation in the energy sector have been powerful. The fundamental purpose of this Center is fully about enabling conversations like the ones that have taken place here ”, he stated.

Instance of potential business

During the realization of this ELAN Network event, the attendees participated in work or networking meetings that allowed for the establishment of good contacts for the development of their respective ventures.

One of them was Gastón Dussallaint, representative of Orbital Energy, Chilean venture that develops technology to generate energy with the current of artificial canals. “ I made very good contacts with participants of the network in Spain, Italy and France, as well as Argentina  and Peru, countries where my technology may be developed and implemented ”, he said.

For his part, Rodrigo Díaz, general manager of Más Valor consulting company, on the last day of the ELAN Network event, managed to materialize a business commitment with a Swedish enterprise with which he had had a long on-line negotiation process. For Díaz, the importance of meetings like ELAN Network lies in networking for the generation of business conversations with entrepreneurs from other countries: “We have found I can generate networks with enterprises that can complement what we want to do, but we also realize that we can contribute to those enterprises as well. That way, a quite powerful bidirectional symbiosis takes place ”, he commented.

ELAN Network continues in Chile

The ELAN  Network event, “ New technologies and generation of business: Renewable energies, energy efficiency and sustainable construction ”, had the participation of about 200 attendees, 45 of which came from 14 countries in Europe and Latin America.

For those interested in taking part in ELAN Network activities in Chile or knowing more about this business network, you may write an e-mail to