Business is in the air! First results in TBBOs

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One of the main objectives of ELAN Network is to generate new Technology-Based Business Opportunities (TBBOs) between European and Latin American organisations. Actually, we talk about two different types of TBBOs: those which lead to direct business among individual companies; and multiplier alliances, which consist of framework agreements between intermediate organisations which will lead to future deals among their respective members in the future.

There are two main ways in which TBBOs are primarily developed. First, organisations can contact ELAN Network directly so that the members of the network try to find suitable partners for whatever business opportunity they may have in mind. And second, organisations can attend ELAN Network events in Latin America. By doing so, organisations from both sides of the Atlantic have the chance to meet a large number of potential partners in the sector to which they belong. This has proven to be the most effective way in which organisations have benefitted from ELAN Network.

ELAN Network organised 7 events in Latin America in 2016: two in Argentina, and one in each of the following countries: Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica and Peru. Together with the ones from 2015, these events have led to the generation of more than 600 potential TBBOs. Out of these, more than 100 are still being negotiated, and 9 TBBO agreements have already been signed. What is more, we expect at least another 5 to be signed before the end of the year. Those who have attended ELAN Network events know that business is in the air!

An example of a successful TBBO can be seen in the agreement reached by Deusto Sistemas, from Spain, and Retail Development & Consultant, from Peru. These two companies have reached a commercial agreement for the deployment in Peru of an innovative tool that aims to establish a new direct communication channel between any type of business and its customers: video, audio, images, text or links to web pages, as well as discounts, maps, etc. Moreover, this tools also allows tracking possibilities based on mobility.

Multiplier alliances include strategic alliances between clusters to consolidate cooperation between their companies; partnerships for European cluster alliances; technological collaboration for technology transfer, H2020 and other programmes; strategic alliances between public administrations; international public private partnerships (PPP); and alliances between different types of ecosystem agents. In other words, multiplier alliances aim to solidify long-lasting business relations between European and Latin American organisations. As a result of the work done by ELAN Network, around 20 multiplier alliances are currently being negotiated, and 2 have already been signed.

The agreement signed by TNO and Tecnalia Colombia is an example of a multiplier alliance. This agreement is unique in that it covers different fields:collaboration has been agreed on areas dealing with sustainability; joint action has been agreed in order to seek financing for future projects; and a seawater desalination project is already underway. This means that, by reaching this agreement, a number of organisations from Europe and Latin America are in present and future collaboration.

2016 has been a great year for business in ELAN Network, and we can only expect that 2017 will be even better!

For more information, please contact Unai Calvar, ELAN Network TBBO Coordinator,

Bilateral meetings for the co-creation of TBBOs.